There is no doubt that practicing sports brings great benefits, mind and body that are strengthened and rejuvenated with a healthy hobby of exercising. Speaking specifically of tennis, the sport of the racket is a very complete discipline, which requires dedication, effort, sacrifice, perseverance, which creates habits and is mentally one of the most demanding in the world.

Health benefits

Experts confirm that to see results, it should be practiced at least three times a week and for an approximate time of one hour, although in the beginning 30 minutes will be enough to improve resistance. It is worth noting that you have to be very careful not to rush or skip steps to desperately want to play better, doctors point out that you could suffer injuries to joints, muscles, as well as a circulatory imbalance or oxygen deficiency. That is why the ideal is always to start under the teaching of an expert coach.

Physical benefits

Beyond all the aforementioned, tennis is a game of great power, speed, large and fleeting explosions to go after a ball in short spaces, which gives its faithful practitioner greater resistance, muscular power, and good posture.

Mental benefits

This sporting practice grants a lot of discipline, creates habits, builds values, strengthens personality and character, among so many positive aspects that can be attributed to it. Researchers from the Copenhagen City Heart Study (Denmark) reached an important conclusion after studying the health of more than 8,600 people for 25 years (from October 10 to September 16, 1994 to March 22, 2017 ): tennis lengthens life.