New training methods

New ways are made to go beyond

Improving is what we all want. But it is diffucult to stablish a base to start from. To be better on tennis is not just focusing on training physicaly o technique, there are other facts to consider. These are the main point to improve:

  1. Physic
  2. Technique
  3. Phicology
  4. Strategy
  5. Game reading


It may be the most boring part to reach our goal, but this sport demands physical strength and agility to play as your mind wants, so we can expand that barrier. Important to stress to train equally strength and agility. I am saying these because I have seen a lot of players with good muscles but low reflxes and quick reactions at short movments when they play on the net.


This is an example of a video that shows you in a simple way how to improve your technique. Is important to to first try it without ball, until the movment is always the same and done correctly, if not you will take manias that will harm your hit. The best clue I can give is that you will get better by repeating. Everyone can have a really nice hit if you out constancy on it. Also, if you train with a wall, will show your level, so beating yourself is key to go further.


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From this point is what make the difference between players. Mental stength during a match either your are winning or losing is crucial. Stay focus without being influncied by the result is crucial to keep playing. Feel surpassed when you know your rival is better than you is the main fact of a breakdown during the match. Train your mind is even powerfull than the other topics mentioned before. Yoga is the most popular way of doing it, but there are many other ways of crate a daiamond phicology. The image is a guidliness of which objective you have to cover in order to strengthen your mind. From my advice, what works better for me is deep breathing, self motivation when bad thoughts come my mind, and think about 0-0. Also wanting to be like some character you admire. Try to be like that character.


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Strategy is what makes player win matches. Stablish your own strategy is crucial to imprve in terms of playing. Depending on your strengths you will play in one way or other. It is good to be a player who for example like to play with the low ball or straight, but adapting your play against your rival is important to gain an advantatge. You can plan some plays, for example forcing the rival to play you on one side and suddenly smash on the other. Train and knowing how most of players react to some type of balls give a lot of advantatge.


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The ability to analyse how the game is being set is what can make a player go beyond. Read on what is good and bad the rival, which is his way to play, and how he react to certain situations. With all the information you get during the match you have to adapt it to your way of playing. This abality to adapt your hits or aim of the ball, normally makes the rival get confused. A match is always changing, and anticipate these changes will make you be in front.